Years ago I made a list in a previous version of this blog. After a while I opened the list and noticed 2 things – 1/3 of the points I had completed without even noticing. 1/3 of them were no longer interesting to me. So.. now I'm making new list with the idea to add more stuff in the future. :)

1. To have my own home
2. To visit Vienna
3. And Egypt
4. And Tibet
5. And Hawaii
6. Bali
7. Positano
8. Monaco again
9. To see the northern lights
10. CAE certificate
11. Russia
12. To write a book
13. To do a photo exhibition
14. Cruise
15. To visit London
16. To travel by myself
17. To get on a hot air baloon
18. Get my diploma
19. To bring my parents to Paris
20. And to Italy aswell
21. Ireland – Blue lagoon
22. To find my calling
23. To find a way to show people how wonderful they are
24. To find inner peace
25. To forgive everyone from my past and present
26. To learn to see people as they are
27. To dare to get all the tattoos, I want
28. To visit a huge waterfall
29. To hug a chimpanze
30. To photograph freely in a desert
31. To take pictures in a photo booth
32. To go to a Music Festival
33. To clean everything I don't need and to start living minimalistically
34. To let other photographer take photos of me. :D pro photoshoot
35. To have a successful business
36. To visit wine tasting
37. To visit ice bar
38. Drink juice from a coconut
39. Raw diet for a week
40. To do lingerie photoshooot
41. Do the same to someone else
42. To learn to ski / snowboard
43. To be able to run 5 km
44. Flying with a helicopter
45. To ride a gondola
46. To try to be a tourist in my own town
47. to visit temple
48. The great Chinese Wall
49. Santorini
50. Taj Mahal
51. The Dead Sea
52. Petra, Jordan
53. To visit underwater hotel
54. La Sagrada Familia
55. Pamukkale
56. To train every day
57. To meditate every day
58. Croatia
59. To be pleased with my spoken English
60. Diving
61. To wake up before 6 am at least for 2 weeks
62. To start morning rituals
63. To make $5 per day from Internet
64. To live at least a month alone
65. To win something big for me
66. Machu Picchu
67. Journey across America
68. Brazil
69. Myanmar
70. Marbella
71. Benagil Sea Cave
72. Waitomo glow worm Caves in New Zealand
73. Morocco
74. Puerto Rico
75. The Philipines
76. To use coachsurfing to meet new people
77. Malta

Completed ones will be with this sign ✓, as for the most I will try to add a link to the blog post.