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Thassos – Summer, 2016

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What better than a spontaneous trip to the island during the session? nothing.
The idea to visit our southern neighbor Greece really came totally spontaneously in such a moment of infinite need travel. For 2 days it decided, razuchihme, inn and kept it through just days before departure.
We decided to spend the weekend there only for us out as cheaply as possible.
We left on Friday and on Sunday we were at home.

day 1:

The weather was super hot, and we still did not know what it really means heat(we found it a month later in Dubai.. next post). In the car we had no air conditioning and we relied on our adaptive organisms to cope with this situation of crisis. Then it would be worth.

Thassos can be reached by ferry as chosen path Keramoti / Limenas and we paid for the car 16.00 €, but in 2mata 3.50 €.

On the way we tried to be in touch with someone from the hotel to make sure, everything that our reservation was wrong. The conversation was strange, but our supposedly confirmed. Hotel de overstatement.. He was a guest house close to the coast, Northwest island.

Problem came after we arrived. Like any tourist, rejecting agencies, always use Google Maps application for navigation. It did this time. After our descent from the ferry program urged to continue to right, then he began to shove us in justifiably roads, that looked quite suspicious. We decided to continue even after just see a little fix. But not. Some more? Nope. So while we found ourselves on the road to the mines in the central part of the island, where your only option is to skate the first uphill and pray you will not come against you excavator. So nerves were not wasting any time soon. It took us hours.. we did not know where they will get.. if we need to return, although it was too late… it was hell.
Later we learned, there was an asphalt road from the ferry to our ultimate goal, which takes you there for no more than 20-30min.. conclusion: Google maps does not deserve trust.
After a few hours hellfire and quite unseemly delay came to the guest house.
We were not on 100% sure if this is the right house because we had no internet, and had several of the same name. A Greek girl with broken English greeted us and began to try to understand. Clean it there and assured us, that the owners were not told of coming visitors… give us the password for their Internet and found, in fact, really this is the place, we've booked. Just despite our conversation this morning the boss did not give a damn, that clients come. We had to wait to fix us a room, th strolled a bit to breathe the heavy road.

In the afternoon our first job was to see the beach. And my first reaction was “horror”. It was not bad, but somehow.. did not impress me. There were many stones.. sand as sand, but rough.. color like ours to sea.. I do not understand what happened so praising him.
Poplatsikahme little, and in the evening we enjoyed mint and Sofia sandwiches.

day 2:

The second day was the only full, we had here, so we had to use it to maximum.
In the morning we went to the nearest beach to us Skala Potamia, and this time found the blue waters of this desolate Greece.

We walked in and the small streets around like a final impression on me, that part of Thassos is a big tourist village.

Flowers everywhere but, and style cafes along the beach, They liked very much.

In the afternoon I was winding the finger, we should go to the Marble Beach.. No matter what. My friend was worried about the car and how it will go on the dirt road to the beach which then caused her the previous day, but.. YOLO.

Marble beach is the most beautiful beach, I've seen and even had ripped a 2 the car still would not regret.. many. :D

The water is crystal blue, sand and small pebbles marble… There were not many people, although further from the beach there is a cafe, which seems rather walk.

As much as I was cold in the water and as much as I do not like getting wet especially hardly came out of those magical blue water.
This is a must place to visit just!

On the way back from the beach we saw a local boy wants to be a ride and decided to ride. Speaking and he, surprising for us, told us, that he did not like marble beach and has a very different impression of us about it. We wondered how we especially do not like so many things in Bulgaria, which are an attraction for tourists.. and somehow get used to something even forget how to appreciate.

day 3:

We had to go. At my greatest sorrow is, I have not got there magnet, and that we did not see the hole, called Gyola. I do not know whether it is worth to go back just for those 2 things. The experience was very interesting, Nevertheless.
On the way we passed hastily in Kavala, as poobikolihme small streets there.

We enjoyed mostly Aqueduct, located in the square. Panagia was built 16c. the Ottoman Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent. If you enjoy is the right word while fry in this hellish sun.

Then we went up the steep streets looking Kavalski crepe. Earth belching fire straight. These are my memories from there.

The streets were small and pretty with flowers at every turn. Quite hang around until we find the entrance to the fort to understand, that is paid and does not make much sense to enter(It did not seem much interested in). And it is near, if our revenues can quickly rectify this omission.


On the way to the city after it was incredibly hot. again. Eventually, however, remember bad times. There are only good feelings. And that happiness, I felt when I saw the crystal blue water. :)

Here is a video from our short adventure:

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