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My TOP 3 Workout Apps

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As some of you may know, I recently made another profile in Instagram on the subject of working out and healthy lifestyle. My idea to make it was to stimulate mostly myself for a change. Because new habits are built with perseverance. The old ones you break the same way. I know from myself, that with thousands chores is quite difficult to build something new. Especially in today's dynamic times. And as a person, who has turned my phone into a hand elongation(like most of us these days) I saw how much easier everything becomes, when you have a little electronic help.

So today I present you my favorite phone applications, that help me very much to enjoy life and to love my body a bit more.


I start with my favorite, which will require almost no attention. Pacer is an application, with which you can track how many steps you've done during the day with pretty good accuracy. It will not count your every small step, but will give you an idea how you actually move. There are additional options for training, but until now they have not captured me, as the pedometer. You can track how many kilometers you've traveled and you can recall with the calendar what you have done previous days.
The plus of the pedometer is , that it gets under your skin and especially when you have a goal(in this case 10,000 steps, set as healthy numpber a day) subconsciously you strive to do more and more.
I have tried it on the threadmill in the gym – it works. :D



The name of this application doesn't makes sense to me, but let's ignore it. The idea is to count calories, that you take and spend during the day. And to provide minimum or maximum of them depending on your goal – to lose or gain weight. In my case is gaining. And because I was sure, that I eat less than needed I started to write everything eaten, to track the approximately intake of calories and to be able to eat more if necessary. In some cases, you have to search and add the foods separately(example sandwich: 1-2 slices of bread, 20g butter, 2 slices salami, etc.), but, as with the previous application – the purpose itself, stimulates its achievement.


b4ff1f363fef3f3db64a115141ff7b0aNike Running

I do not like to run. And I can't. Even if I loved running. :D But I can walk. Therefore, I use Nike running –
to see where I've gone and how many km I've walked, What can I improve and where to try next time. The plus of the app for instagram maniacs like me is the option for photo, on which you can put information about “your running” ви, the map of it and how much time it took you. If you are fond of this sport there are many more options, that make it more fun. The application can talk and connect to your shoes if they are special.





As a bonus I give application, which I do not use regularly, but liked very much when I tried to follow it. :D
The idea is to teach you to run five kilometers in one go. It's made as interval program, during which you run and take a break and then run again and take break again. Training sessions are 30 minutes 3 times a week for 8 weeks. And until you knwo it you have no problems running. It requires desire, but it is done in a very nice way for beginners. All instructions are reported in your headphones while listening to music.

These are all apps, I use. And for now they are completely enough for me.
If you have a favorite workout application please share it in the comments, I will be happy to find out more nice ones – We never know from where inspiration can come! :)

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