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Bulgaria Is Awesome: Shipka Peak, 09.06.2016

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Once we visited Buzludza there was no other option but to pass through Shipka.

place, whose land is imbued with Bulgarian history and blood. And what to my regret I had never gone. Every time March 3 with me strange how many people hang out there, but at other times no one remembers to visit(OK, not one.. I'm glad the few!).

I liked the tranquility, which emanated from the place. How majestically looked and how they were thought to put even Bulgarian flag. At this point once again I felt how much he loved his homeland, although, that can not stand country.
The only minus the whole picture was lady-guards, which was decided, obviously I want to steal the whole monument and would not stop following me, and I shall 99% the pictures. Here is the explanation why I have so little here.
Shipka is a place, which I recommend you visit when you will be able to enjoy the surrounding energy, the view, the feeling, that anyone has ever given their lives to enable us.. now.. to be free. pensive. If you let. Think about what we do with this gifted us with so much pain freedom.. and what, for God's sake, We turn our beloved land..IMG_9681

Move footage you can see in the video:

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