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Bulgaria is awesome: Buzludza, 09.06.2016

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I do not know and where to start this post. But despite the risk of buckets Haight will tell the mind, 'Cause I. :)

Buzludja monument is a symbol of the communist regime in Bulgaria.. or at least it was his idea. Built in the center of the country and once had a decent five-pointed star in the masthead. light, it could be seen from the Romanian side of the Danube and even in Thrace. It looks like a alien saucer, which appeals to foreigners. But do not start the issue of tourism, the next paragraph does not appear even more terrible.

My first thought, I saw him was, it looks like a tomb.. some of you will be to enjoy the show, because communism is buried flush with it, but if you insert a little basic thought – these walls.. this huge, unprecedented mass, built there, It was made with the labor of your ancestors, money from your grandparents.. with or without their wish. And instead keep something already built and just symbols change, proving to everyone and everything from how us It depends on how we perceive what, as we we have the power, as we define life.. Bulgarian 'elevated’ people decided to vandal smashed the work of hundreds of people, Money millions and countless opportunities to show who he really is.

It was amazing, beautiful, unreal place.. It is now a pile of garbage. As the majority of our people.

I love their homeland, I hate country.

So.. part travelogue. We left with the idea to tour many places in Bulgaria for one day. How we… I can not tell you.

Reaching the summit we were greeted by a herd of horses, grazing his front stairs. thematically.
The question was whether we would manage to squeeze into this dilapidated building once had a pretty plates with inscriptions, prohibiting this action. But.. Bulgaria.. why did wonder. We slipped through the main 'gates', which had a hole, bold enough to put the body, encroaching darkness, they eventually envelops. You can see my emotions from the experience of duff video, I tried to do. The song still my collar.

Despite the unpleasant taste of the past, which was evident as absurd dilapidated.. somehow I felt in a different world… was something new and imbued with emotions. Each of the steps as if they invited to come inside…

After worrying entrance stumbled into a mildly dump. Full of darkness. The interior of the building is in a tragic situation and all art images, you see in your feeds have nothing to do with reality. Brand, to see one based hall “brilliant” five, not illumined by it lights, and holes. thousands holes. rip boards, panels reminiscent of its former existence.
My chest filled with admiration and pain simultaneously. I do not care why it was built. It hurt me to see the plight of a work of art. If someone had killed thousands of labor hands.. without batting an eyelid.

The terraces.. or the likelihood of such.. I do not know what actually happened.. revealing spectacular views of our magical nature. Such beauty even your imagination can not create. Endless green hills.. sky covering the whole sky in front of you with a feeling of freedom.
Several rest of iron constructions allow to risk the integrity of your body to climb on the roof of the premises. Just like this.. not. Excitement have.

I made enough photos to save the time and not enough to reproduce it to anyone. I sat on the edge of the world without care if you fall. I looked up.. to infinity.
The column with pentagram passing through a basement. I personally missed this time.. which slightly sorry. My friend lost if ever climb to the top, leaving me downstairs to wait for him and his nose out of boredom, but at the expense of staff, which are amazing shot.
Here are some of them. Put some pictures, because the video is more eloquent than any frame. But nothing can replace the experience to be there. And to feel sadness, vibe soil.


Then we headed to Shipka.. because you do not need to be March 3 to visit this place. :)

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