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26 Ways to save money (travel)

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Here is a list of all 26 way, which can save money, listed in my video.
As I mentioned at the beginning of the clip – It is easier to write them and everyone can read them, but if you want change you need motivation. That's why I shot him. Personally, I use 80% their daily, without thinking already. This allows me to feel safe at any time.. as I always have money. It allows me to buy emotions, not things, and especially to detect particles of yourself to each new location, you visit.

I know, most will highlight the availability of household spending as the main problem, obstructing savings. Is not. Everyone has costs. Each has revenue. Either by salary or “Christmas Gifts Grandma”. What matters is how they distribute. And how you are ready for something new. :)

  1. Saving as a goal
  2. Only so, As much as it's needed
  3. Never hungry market
  4. Most profitable supermarket
  5. valuable gifts, not expensive
  6. Walk instead of public transport
  7. Cinema with discount
  8. vouchers
  9. Really you need it?
  10. Purify of lumber
  11. without hairdresser
  12. Baby shampoo and coconut oil
  13. Food from home to work
  14. What do I need? Of property or feelings?
  15. Get map for fitness
  16. Do you realize how much money you save
  17. Without ridiculously expensive toys for children
  18. Stop smoking
  19. Lower utility bills
  20. Without spending due to stress
  21. Items Used
  22. Remove cards from online stores
  23. Unsubscribe from online stores
  24. Cheap second hand car
  25. Offers a cheap activities for meetings
  26. Good personal hygiene

If you have your little tricks will be happy to share them in the comments! :)

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