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Paris – Spring, 2016: Eiffel Tower, day 3

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Click here for Part 1. And here for the beggining of day 2. a here It is the second of the day. Ии поста за Версай. And if you have not seen the video of my Paris Eiffel Tower, here's a link. :)

img_8615Honestly, as I mentioned in previous posts, to the Eiffel Tower did not have a particularly emotional expectations. Някак все ми се струваше, that is exaggerated as all mainstream sights and actually live will be just a pile of iron, cool looking from afar and photos.. Cause Eiffel.. Duuh.

Coming out of the subway however.. in the first moment, I saw her and my hearts stopped as a schoolgirl in love. My chest was filled with such a warm feeling, I've had only movies and just wanted to stop and admire the majestic appearance to the end of his life.

is huge. And all feral tourists somehow get lost in the vastness of its size. And despite all the harshness of tone irons seems somehow.. gentle.

I thought how not her appearance attracted me.. rather that, which emanated. potential. endless. And dreams come true. And awareness, that limits are only in our heads.
eiffel towerI saw relatively a lot in this world, but nothing stopped my breath in this way.

And then I began to wonder – впечатли ме толкова защото се бях настроила за разочарование или защото наистина е впечатляваща? Or both. :D

Духаше силен вятър, а ние бяхме нереално жадни и маалко гладни. Despite my desire to anchor the tower and not stuck ever more, we went to the easiest place to eat – McDonald's. Located a few blocks, а и вече си подготвен за калорийната бомба, която те очаква.

Колата, която беше към менюто ни бе най-прекрасната течност, която е докосвала устата ми. :D цените са двойни на нашите, of course. For the same junk. :D

remember, I received a comment on instagram how was somehow wrong to go to Paris and eat at McDonald's.. and I thought how hassled by lunch in Paris, Dubai Thassos, I could pay my trip to Rome. And let me stay. Sense.. not literally, but yes. :D eiffel tower

As we walked the streets even dying of fun with all this gorgeous architecture. Browse and buildings around the tower.. what we noticed was, that the properties there are probably millions of euros. The cars in front of them, however, had nothing to do with insanely expensive cars, we see on our roads. were Nowicki, simple, comfortable-looking. The only place, of which we saw something shiny was no traffic lights, while outside a nightclub with the idea of ​​advertising. Drivers are calmer. Do not bother to cut red. Or at least not out to beat you. :D Някак различно е. eiffel tower

И ето момента, за който дойдохме и, за който съм благодарна от все сърце на вселената. Залеза. Even in my imagination I can not imagine such a hefty decline in this place, any intercepted. I wanted to capture every bit of it. Which reminds me always to wear at least 2 external batteries for phone, because at some point I fell and he and the camera. As if alluding “watch was, girl, LOOK! He felt it this sunset, if you have no memories of what you photos later.”


While rotating the alleys to the tower we witnessed a marriage proposal. I want to tell you, that does.. but all is not as romantic, as you think. It was even less Cheesy. But the stories are impressive and people will think, it was magical! Not.

eiffel tower

It was cold and getting dark, and I wanted to stop time. people, having picnics on the lawn began to disperse. Some time after he became dark and the police apparently gone.. razmotavaha there, case. We came to this conclusion after seeing something absurd shocking – lawn, which is closest to the tower is surrounded by a network. Do not take anyone and do not trample maintained grass. But who cares as there is no security – fence on one side was torn and crumpled, and the grass was lying enthusiasts with bottles of beer.. To enjoy the nightlight, coming from the huge Eiffel over them. Romance.


It was 8:30 in the evening, and we do not come home. Especially knowing, these are your last moments of this charming place. So we decided to go on a cruise boat on the Seine. The price was about 15-20 euro, but we bought such memories, that is not true. There was a review for the sights from inside eskskurzovod, but nothing could be heard. Some order food, other drinks.. има всякакви варианти. But the experience is once!

eiffel tower

eiffel tower

eiffel towerEven we managed to recapture the sparkling Eiffel and was so magical, that still melt as you watch video clips. And passed along a mini version of the Statue of Liberty, you never knew, that there. In Paris there was indeed 2 such, които са подготвителни версии преди тази в Ню Йорк. eiffel tower


And so ended our first adventure in this romantic.. too.. city.

There was nothing to do with my present for him, but somehow still managed to fascinate me.. as told Charles Dickens

I cannot tell you what an immense impression Paris made upon me. It is the most extraordinary place in the World!

There is something magical about it.. It is not so fabulous, nor so romantic.. It is nothing special. A special way. :)

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