7 reasons why my selfies are better than yours

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.. or better said – 7 advices for better selfies. :)

I guess, most of you know how much I'm in love with myself and how one of my hobbies is to take selfies of me. As self portraits or just as photos for Instagram. Here one post with “my secrets” ми.
I haven't read similar articles , and I dont know what advices the other pros give, These are my personal observations and experiences.


  1. First I put something, which I dislike very much. every! time, when I notice a picture with phone. No matter if it is a selfie or not. Blurry camera. Clean your cameras, people! Yes! Pull your sleeve or blouse and thoroughly clean the lens. No matter how you use your phone is very likely to touch this little glass with your dirty fingers, which subsequently leads to greasy(blurry, unclear) photos, totally killing the quality of your 200megapixel phone. :D Not at all so, of course. And Ive met people, who do this by themselves. Others, like me for example, are crazy about it . I dont take even one photo without clieaning my camera lens. Its like habit to me. :D
  2. Number 2. Selfie stick. Oh, God, how hard Ive tried to resist buying one. Too many people makuing fun of it, too mainstream, etc.. who cares when it makes everything so easy. My pictures became more beautiful and I am incredibly pleased, that I gave in to this desire. :D My advice for this magic wand is connected to its presence in pictures. The less you see it, the more natural your photo looks. Here examples taken only with selfie stick:

    To achieve the effect “Selfie stick?! I?! I do not even know what that is!” try to keep it as vertically as possible. Thus it goes out of frame, the focus falls just on you and eliminates all distractions, which would prevent people from seeing your charm. :)

  3. Light. From here we begin with the more serious advices, that would work for you if you already cursed me for the previous 2, because I actually dont understand a thing. Light is important. It is important to come directly on you(shooting yourself with your face towards the window) and to be dulled(cloudy weather, curtains, shadow). Unless you want to use it as an effect: if it comes directly behind you - beautiful silhouettes; if the light is direct the contrast is a plus(unless it comes directly overhead at noon -12-15o'clock, shoot early in the morning, late afternoon); if it comes on you from your side it can be interesting too. Light is essential to how good you actually look, depending on how it falls on your face it dulls or highlights certain features of yours, it is the main factor if your nose looks huge and your eyes - beautiful , whether your chin will be angular or your forehead big. Light is everything. :)
    selfita selfita selfita
  4. Another important point is the composition. Or in other words – do not cut the legs by the ankles and the hands by the wrists or elbows. Do not cut the head in a strange way, unless the idea of ​​the photograph is this. Other thing, I use with portraits of people and my own photos is – when you are looking in direction, other than the camera lens, and you leave space in the image in that direction. examples:
    selfita selfita
  5. Background. Ah, this background. I think, it is unnecessary to comment, but anyway! Do not shoot in toilets. It's ugly. Unless toilet itself is not super collar and original. Avoid trash bins, accidentally getting in the frame, other people. posts, unless they are part of the idea . Bright colors behind you if there are not targeted. All of this distracts and moves the focus from you to the background, not cool. bonus tip: if you have a horizon behind(Sea, building, flat area), Try to leave it horizontal. I, personally, don't watch for this one every time, but every time I'm sorry, that I didn't. :D
  6. Face / Posture – maybe, I had to put this in first place. Let me start from a general place. When we do selfies, we all, Yes.. all, Make about 150thousands photos, from which we choose 1-2 the ones taht are good. The problem comes if we choose 10, because we were in da zone and half photos have become hyper cool. To my and our greatest regret no mater how much we want it it's not cool(does anyone still use this word?) to upload all the pictures one after another. With the same face, pose, look. To this point belong and all those, who think, they have only one position / face / eyes, that are beautiful. And don't even think, that in themselves they hide so many , corners, smiles, that are which of which more diverse and fascinating. And even thoug they take selfies on a regular basis they ar all the same. Do not limit yourself. Know yourself. In the dark, bathed in light, quiet, noisy, meek, gentle, spontaneous, smiling on 200%, full of sensations.. you have so many sides of your self, that deserve to be focused on! Yes, I have a favorite profile.. and probably 90% of my photos are of it. but are they the same? Just sayin’. :)
  7. Treatment. as a final. For her, the rule less is more.. way way more! The more natural a photo, the more pleasant to watch. ever, but never use multiple filters on top of each other. Unless the latter is not black and white. The picture becomes heavy and lost a lot details. If you do retach face to make it look smoother, etc.. do not overdo it! Looks terrible even if no one tell you that. Meet blur-ered people everywhere heart hurts. You do not have to imagine it causing. Even without this effect are 100 times more beautiful, than it.

And such.. relieved me as I spoke. :D Hope you read something useful for themselves in this post. :) If you have questions – let us courageously! :)

Now you'll be glad to read what your secrets? What you saw as a plus in your photos? Do you think taking photos and doing it just as you came? :)

P.P: ultimately it is important to have fun! If you like the pictures in a certain way make them so! Without gram you care who says what! :)


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